Monday, July 7, 2014

Seth's Continuation

Look who's finished middle school!  Seth will be going on to Chatfield High School next year.  This young man will have no trouble making friends and navigating the social complexities of high school.  Hang on Shad and Jane, these 4 years are going to fly by!  By the way, doesn't Shad look great in hats?

Xena and Chloe

Paul went to England to spend time with Aisha, so guess who came to stay?  Chloe!  Xena and Chloe are getting to be best buddies.  I don't think we can let Paul have her back............

Nice Pic of Paul

Paul is in his 3rd year of medical school and will be applying for an intern job in the fall.  This is his application pic - nice one!

Summer Project - Painting in a whole new way

Finally after years of talking about it and looking at it, the house is getting a face lift.  Sometimes you just have to jump right in and start; don't think about it too much.  It's taken a month to get this far!  I'm just going square by square and here we are with 2 sections done.  Alison occasionally comes out to help with the fun parts - the trim!  This house has an abundance of trim.  I am so joyful to be done with the roof.  Now let's see if I survive tall ladders..............Ignore the ugly blue door.  That will go away very soon.