Monday, February 18, 2013


The Denver Art Student's League hosted a free book making class on Saturday given by Gail Watson.  In my dreams I have the training, skill, equipment, opportunity and vision that she has!  Well, that could be said for so many of the artists that I admire.  There was a book on display that I fell in love with and didn't want to forget how it was constructed.  It was made out of balsa wood.  Lacking balsa wood, I made this sweet little book yesterday out of mat board I had on hand.  It's small, so I believe I can actually fill this one with art and complete something:


Friday, February 1, 2013


I'm taking an amazing online cold wax class from Judy Wise, the best teacher ever.  If you have any desire to learn, techniques in encaustic, cold wax, plaster or mixed media journaling, her online classes get 5 stars every time.  This is my first endeavor in oil!  I am pinching myself and can't wait to start the next board!