Sunday, January 29, 2012

Brown Bag Book

Love, love, love this brown bag book - finished it today ♥  The pages are all crumply and soft inside.  Used some beads on the spine which was super fun.  This one will be really fun to journal in.


Survived turning 60 this weekend.  That's a milestone!  Took a few days to assimilate myself to that number, but I guess I am.  So many loved souls turned up with a special way to celebrate mwa - love that! Guess I better wake up and make the next decade count.  This was one favorite gift from my sweet friend Karen:

Digital Magic

This is beautiful to see and hear.  Enjoy digital magic by Philip Scott Johnson:

500 Years of Female Portraits/YoYo Ma

Friday, January 20, 2012

Incense Stick Technique

This was quick,  fun and it smelled great while doing it.  Handmade paper - holes burned in using an incense stick.  Feels good to work in wax.  I was dreaming of the lovely smell of bees wax and had to turn on the griddle for a day:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Unnumbered Book

I am having a whole lot of fun making journal books.  The possibilities are endless.  I even dreamed about making a book last night - it had such cool textures.  I want to take a class on bookmaking or maybe I should just search the internet for a great new book on the subject of bindings.  I LOVE the bindings and can't wait to finish another cover.  Please post a comment if you know of a good resource!